Coal City Community Unit School District #1 strives to be responsive to residents' concerns and operate in a fiscally responsible and efficient manner. Government transparency, or the ability to access information and documents, is a priority.

While much of the information below is located in other areas of the website, this page consolidates a variety of key information all in one place.


Contact Information

Officials are elected to represent their constituents. In order to do so effectively they should be engaged in regular dialogue and be as accessible as possibly by providing a variety of ways to be contacted.

Administrative staffs are knowledgeable resources, provide constituent services and often enforce ordinances. Because of these roles it is imperative for them to be available to constituents by providing contact information to the heads of each department and not just general information.

Superintendent Dr. Kent Bugg | Email
Board Members Board Members | Training
Administration Administrators
Unit Office 100 S. Baima
Coal City, IL 60416
815-634-2287 (phone)
815-634-8775 (fax)


Public Meetings

Citizens should have the knowledge of when an elected body meets and what issues they will be voting on so they can be informed and engaged in the democratic process. Meetings are one of the few ways the public can engage in true dialogue with their elected representatives.

LIVE Podcast of Board Meetings
Public Meeting Information (2010-Present)


Public Information

Citizens have a right to know how their tax dollars are being spent and how their government is operating. FOIA requests provide an important means through which the public can obtain information regarding the activities of government agencies, which are required by law to respond to FOIA requests. Additionally, other information is listed in this section for convenience.

Board Policies
District Boundaries
District Information
Educational Links
Elected Officials
Freedom of Information (FOIA)
Job Descriptions
Report Discrimination
Risk Management Plan
School Report Cards
Strategic Plan



Budgets show the big picture of what goals and priorities the government established for the year and prior years. Budgets details also serve as a way for taxpayers determine how the government performed in relation to past years and allow citizens to hold government accountable to their plans in the past.

History of Budgets



While budgets give the big picture to constituents, an audit reveals how well a government performs on its goals. An audit reveals whether elected officials kept their promises and enables constituents to hold them accountable.

History of Audits & Annual Financial Reports (AFR)



Having access to a check register or bill list provides timely and pertinent information about government operations to the citizens and taxpayers. Monthly check registers are available on the Meetings page as well.

History of Expenditure Reports (ASA)



Employee compensation is usually the biggest cost area for most counties and local governments. Government employees work for and are paid by the taxpayers. Citizens have a right to know how their money is being spent.

History of Compensation Reports



It is also important to post individual employee contracts, such as a county administrator, and collective bargaining agreements online. Labor costs are often the biggest cost area for local governments. The terms of these costs are outlined in labor agreements. Bidding information will also be posted in this section as they become available.

Capital Projects: Summer 2015

Life Safety:

Doors - Awarded to Heritage

Electrical - Awarded to Indicom

Plumbing - Awarded to Barry Plumbing

Elementary School Roof - *

Intermediate School Roof - *

*Awarded to RB Crowther




Almost all government entities have lobbyists on retainer or are members of an association that lobbies on their behalf. Taxpayers have the right to know when their tax dollars are being spent to lobby other government agencies; many times local government agencies are lobbying for more revenue from other government agencies.




Citizens should have ready access to tax and fee information. Having tax and fee rates available helps individuals and businesses where to live, work and shop. The more transparent taxes and fees are the easier it is for citizens to notice when rates go up.

Student Fee History
History of Extentions and Revenues by Source