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Curriculum Information

In the summer of 2005 a standards-aligned curriculum was written for language arts-reading and mathematics for all grade levels. Since that first summer we have continued that initial work and we now have each subject at each grade level with a standards-aligned curriculum. Dedicated teachers and department leaders not only created their curriculum but common local assessments to measure student learning against their curriculum.

Our curriculums are aligned to Illinois Learning Standards or other national standards when Illinois Learning Standards are not available. Standards guide the process of curriculum writing, but they are not curriculum and they do not dictate how things are taught in the individual classroom. Our curriculums are written by our teachers and adopted by our Board of Education.

Data from common local assessments are continually analyzed to measure the effectiveness of instruction, resources and the assessments themselves. The assessments are tied directly to the curriculum and can tell a student/parent/teacher which concepts a student has or has not mastered.

This is a continual process that is never fully complete. We are constantly learning better ways to instruct and assess and those new methods are employed to increase student learning.