Respectful, Responsible, Safe

Positive Behavior System




CCES has implemented a Positive Behavior System (PBS) for our 2nd and 3rd grade students. Some information about the program follows and we will continue to communicate with parents about the program in the future. If you would have any questions please contact CCES.


Goals of Positive Behavior System Program

1.     Recognize students who consistently demonstrate positive behavior

2.     Prevent negative behaviors

3.     Improve building climate and behavior

4.     Help with implementation of Response to Intervention (RTI) Behavior Plan

5.     Celebrate Success


Program Design

Students have the opportunity to earn a RRS card (sticker/smiley face, etc on chart) each day for being Responsible, Respectful and Safe at school. Specific locations at school include classroom/homework, recess, lunchroom, hallway and the bus. Students who earn 90% of their RRS cards for a specified amount of time will be eligible for the incentive activities of the program. An example would be if the amount of days was 20 then students would need to need to earn their RRS card for 18 of those days. Classes will take their class chart with them to their special classes to allow special teachers to keep track of behavior. Lunchroom and recess behavior will be communicated from those supervisors to the classroom teacher. Bus issues will be communicated from the office. Students who earn their RRS card for 90% of the days will be eligible for the incentive activity for that period of time. Incentive activities will be decided by the PBIS Committee.


Facts about PBS

1.     In PBS programs, it is expected that 80% of students will meet the expectations of the program and earn the incentive activity. It is the goal of CCES to increase that number to 90-95% of our student population.

2.     Not all students will meet the expectations of the program. Some students will have a very difficult time meeting the behavior expectations. These students will be identified as needing extra support in the area of behavior and will be eligible to receive extra support from CCES Student Services Personnel and other staff members.

3.     Students are in charge of their behavior and have the ability to earn the incentives. Students will determine on a daily basis if they are able to earn the privileges of the program and will have multiple chances to demonstrate positive behavior in the school setting.



The following links are the specific areas that we have developed rules for positive student behavior at CCES. There is also a PBS brochure about the program to view.


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